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Would like to learn the very basics of the Dutch language? Let us help you during our Beginner Course!

This course offers you a first step into the Dutch Language. In 10 sessions of 2 hours each we try to give you enough knowledge which you can apply in many basic, daily situations (e.g. doing groceries, small talk, asking for directions, etc.). The aim is to get you to level A1 in this period!

Upcoming courses

Do you already have a basic understanding of the Dutch language and would you like to learn more? Let us help you do so during our Beginner + Course! 

This course starts at approximately level A1 and aims to get you to level A2. In 10 sessions of 2 hours each we focus on improving your Dutch, so you can communicate and handle short conversations. Afterwards, you will have the necessary skills to be able to function properly in daily life.


Upcoming courses

The lessons will take place weekly via Zoom and your class will consist of a maximum of 10 students. Below you can find the complete schedule.

  • Lesson 1: Thursday 12 January from 17:15-19:15
  • Lesson 2: Monday 16 January from 17:15-19:15
  • Lesson 3: Thursday 19 January from 17:15-19:15
  • Lesson 4: Monday 23 January from 17:15-19:15
  • Lesson 5: Thursday 26 January from 17:15-19:15
  • Lesson 6: Monday 30 January from 17:15-19:15
  • Lesson 7: Thursday 2 February from 17:15-19:15
  • Lesson 8: Monday 6 February from 17:15-19:15
  • Lesson 9: Thursday 9 February from 17:15-19:15
  • Lesson 10: Monday 13 February from 17:15-19:15

By now, you are probably quite familiar with the basics and can already have a decent conversation. If you would still like to improve your Dutch, make sure to check out our Intermediate (B1.1) course!

The Intermediate course starts at approximately level A2 and aims to get you through half of the B1 level. We aim to equip you with the necessary skills to understand complex conversations, and to be able to conduct them yourself. We are currently developing the B1.2 (advanced) class.


Upcoming courses

At this point, you are starting to get quite comfortable with the Dutch language. If you would still like to improve your Dutch and try to be fluent in relatively simple Dutch (B1 level), you can consider our Advanced (B1.2) course!

The Advanced course starts at approximately level B1.1 and aims to get you through the second half of the B1 level. We aim to equip you with the necessary skills to have fluent conversations in relatively simple Dutch, and to understand more complex conversations as well.


Upcoming courses

The advanced speaking course is specifically made for students who have completed the Dutch Advanced Course and would like to upgrade their speaking skills. During 5 sessions you’ll get the chance to improve your fluency, pronunciation, and presenting skills. Since this type of skill improvement asks for a lot of direct feedback and interaction, it is only available for 5 people per class maximum, for you to get sufficient feedback and attention.

The course contents consist solely of presenting exercises and speaking exercises. The teacher will also tailor the content to the class’s specific needs.

Upcoming courses
  • Lesson 1: Wednesday 11 January from 19:00-20:30
  • Lesson 2: Wednesday 18 January from 19:00-20:30
  • Lesson 3: Wednesday 25 January from 19:00-20:30
  • Lesson 4: Wednesday 1 Febuary from 19:00-20:30
  • Lesson 5: Wednesday 8 February from 19:00-20:30

A Sneak Peek Into Our Lessons

In this video, one of the teachers of L&L Language will show you briefly what you can expect from our Dutch Beginner Course! The more practical skills that we mainly focus on during the course (reading, speaking, and listening), will be addressed in the Demo Class, to give you the best possible picture of our Dutch Beginner Course.

Free Courses for Ukrainian Refugees

As a token of support for Ukrainian refugees, we offer 2 free places for Ukrainian refugees in every beginner course (level 0 – A1) that starts. Since we notice that there is a lot of demand for this, we have created a waiting list that we try to keep as short as possible. When extra places come available in courses that start, these places will also be given to Ukrainian refugees. This way, we hope to stimulate the integration of Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands!

Please be aware that the courses are taught in English, and that an adequate command of the English language is required to join the courses. You can register below for a free course, and we will contact you when we have a spot available! 

Our Mission

We believe that participation and engagement make people happy. In the Netherlands, this is very difficult without an understanding of the Dutch language. That is why we try to familiarize you with the practical side of speaking Dutch, by mainly focusing on reading, speaking and listening skills. 

Language is a very important condition for internationals to be able to integrate and participate in the Dutch culture. That is why we believe that the threshold for learning Dutch should be as low as possible. We try to achieve this by offering you affordable Dutch courses!

With our concept we aim to support the international community in the Netherlands. Although the Netherlands is already very internationalized (as a lot of people speak English), we think that in order to integrate and participate in the Dutch culture it helps to have a basic understanding of the Dutch language.

Our Team

This is the team that is trying to put together affordable high-quality Dutch courses.

We will do our utmost in order to help you learn Dutch!

Below you can see the reviews of our customers regarding our Dutch language courses.

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Giorgia Simeone
Giorgia Simeone
14:16 20 Jan 22
Really nice course and affordable prices.
Lilly Gintowt
Lilly Gintowt
09:06 10 Sep 21
Interactive, comprehensive lessons that provide you with a broad, basic background of the dutch language if you are a... beginner. Additionally suitable for those who already know basic dutch and wish to take their knowledge up a level. I have taken two courses with L&L and will continue with a third when it is offered!read more
Arpit Aggarwal
Arpit Aggarwal
14:25 05 Sep 21
I loved the format of the language courses. I would recommend this place to anyone who is looking to start learning... Dutch in an interactive way. Can't wait to start on with the next course.read more
Maru Alvarez
Maru Alvarez
10:53 03 Sep 21
It was a great experience and hope to do level 2 soon . The teacher was great and the hole program too . I recomended... 100%read more
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