L&L Language

Where it all started

The idea of starting a company that offers Dutch lessons, originates from 2019. As part of a study association in the Netherlands, we noticed that many international students wanted to learn Dutch for the time they were in the Netherlands, but there were very few possibilities to do so. This struck us as quite problematic, since language is a very important condition for foreigners to be able to integrate with the Dutch culture. Therefore, we decided to start offering language courses ourselves. With the help of experienced friends and family, we were able to set up multiple Dutch courses for an affordable price!

Our goal

We believe that participation and engagement make people happy. Therefore, understanding Dutch is essential in order to be able to participate and integrate in the Dutch culture. In our experience, most people that come to study or work in the Netherlands, do not have the time to spend multiple hours per day to learn the language perfectly. They have a couple hours per week to spare at most and they are mainly interested in being able to talk Dutch with the cashier at the supermarket or the bartender in a pub. Therefore, In our Dutch language courses, we try to focus on the practical side of the Dutch language as much as possible. We believe a language is best learned by doing and practicing. Therefore, we emphasize speaking Dutch, listening to Dutch, and reading Dutch. Of course, some knowledge of the grammar is necessary in order to understand a language and this is not ignored during our courses. The idea of these courses is, to give you the tools and confidence necessary for you to be able to start speaking Dutch in your daily life.

With our courses, we aim to support the international community in the Netherlands by helping them to learn the Dutch language for an affordable price and thereby we hope to make their time in the Netherlands more enjoyable!