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Hi everybody,

Nice to meet you! My name is Wessel Greven. I am 25 years old and I live in Amsterdam, where I study Russian Language and Culture. Before that, I did a bachelor in Dutch Language and Culture, where I found my passion for language. In September 2021 I started working as a homework tutor at Spring High in Amsterdam, where I am helping kids with planning and with the different languages they have to learn at school. This is exciting work, because you can really help the students get more organized and understand a language better.

I am a very happy to be joining the team of L&L Language as one of their Dutch teachers. During my Bachelor of Dutch Language, I have found a lot of appreciation for my own native language and it is my goal to share that with you! I hope to meet you in one of our classes.

Wessel - Dutch language teacher


Dutch Teacher

Hi everyone!

My name is Nikki-Rie van der Meer. I am 24 years old and I live in Nijmegen. During my bachelors I studied Political Science, Antropology and Linguistics in Utrecht. Afterwards, I took a gap year. In this year I did an internship in Brussels and I studied Chinese in China while teaching English. Right now I am doing my masters in Political Science in Nijmegen. I joined L&L Language as one of the Dutch teachers, which I am very excited about.

Language is one of my biggest passions in life! Right now I am learning Spanish and Chinese. I know how challenging learning a new language can be and I always try to find the best learning strategies. Moreover, I have tried to help other people through teaching English and Dutch. I hope to get you excited about learning Dutch and help you as best as I can.