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During this course we will help you to improve your Dutch! Our Dutch Beginner + Course consists of 10 2-hour lessons with one of our teachers via Zoom. In addition to the lessons, you will receive homework exercises that you have to complete weekly. You will also get the possibility to do extra exercises on your own time. You can find more information regarding our Dutch Beginner + Course on this page.

Upcoming courses

The lessons will take place weekly via Zoom and your class will consist of a maximum of 10 students. Below you can find the complete schedule.

  • Lesson 1
  • Lesson 2
  • Lesson 3
  • Lesson 4
  • Lesson 5
  • Lesson 6
  • Lesson 7
  • Lesson 8
  • Lesson 9
  • Lesson 10: 
Demo Class

Before the course starts, we will organize a free Demo Class. During the Demo Class, our teacher will show you briefly what will be discussed during the lessons. The skills that we mainly focus on during the course (reading, speaking and listening), will be addressed in the Demo Class, to give you the best possible picture of our Dutch Beginner + Course. After the Demo Class you can decide whether you want to register for this Dutch course!

The Demo Class for last course will took on Wednesday 1 June from 18:00-18:45. A new demo class will be scheduled soon!



The Beginner + course starts at approximately level A1 and aims to get you close to level A2. The course is focused on improving your Dutch, so you can communicate and handle short conversations. Afterwards, you will have the necessary skills to be able to function properly in daily life. During our course, we will try to help you to:

  • Understand sentences and frequently used words related to areas of personal interest.
  • Follow the main points in short, clear and simple messages and announcements.
  • Read very short and simple texts and find specific predictable information in simple, everyday texts such as advertisements, leaflets, menus and timetables.
  • Use a range of expressions and sentences to describe your family and other people, living conditions, your education and your current or most recent job in simple terms.
  • Communicate about simple and routine tasks that involve a simple and direct exchange of information on familiar topics and activities.
  • Handle very short social conversations, although sometimes lacking a bit of understanding in order to keep the conversation going independently.
Structure of the lessons
Since we focus more on the practical side of the Dutch language, the lessons will mainly focus on 3 skills: reading Dutch, speaking Dutch and listening to Dutch. These skills are most important to manage yourself in Dutch in basic daily situations. Your Teacher will teach you a part of the Dutch grammar as well, but since this is very extensive and complicated, we will not focus too much on this topic. 

Your class will consist of a maximum of 10 students. Occasionally, there will be extra activities afterwards (i.e. a pubquiz) to practice what you have learned in an informal situation and to learn a bit more about the Dutch culture.

The course takes place via Zoom, which is a very user friendly (online) program.

Method (De Opmaat)

De Opmaat is the method that the Teacher will use during the course. It is specialized in learning Dutch for higher educated foreigners. It contains many appealing exercises and practical examples. The course (and book) contains  themes, such as: meetings, Dutch traditions/holidays, grocery shopping, Dutch music, transport and work. 

The purchase of De Opmaat (€39,90) is required in order to follow the course. You will need it to do the homework exercises each week, and to have access to listening exercises and grammar explanations. Also, the book contains extra practice questions which are very useful and also continues where our course stops. Due to the limited amount of lessons, we cannot go through the whole book in this Beginner course. The first part of the book will be treated in our Dutch Beginner Course (A0 to A1). Since the book is also suitable for self-study, it is possible to use and learn from the book yourself after the course has ended!

You can find the book online by clicking here.


Our Dutch Beginner + Course costs €150,-. This is excluding the book.

Below you can see the reviews of our customers regarding our Dutch language courses.

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Giorgia Simeone
Giorgia Simeone
14:16 20 Jan 22
Really nice course and affordable prices.
Lilly Gintowt
Lilly Gintowt
09:06 10 Sep 21
Interactive, comprehensive lessons that provide you with a broad, basic background of the dutch language if you are a... beginner. Additionally suitable for those who already know basic dutch and wish to take their knowledge up a level. I have taken two courses with L&L and will continue with a third when it is offered!read more
Arpit Aggarwal
Arpit Aggarwal
14:25 05 Sep 21
I loved the format of the language courses. I would recommend this place to anyone who is looking to start learning... Dutch in an interactive way. Can't wait to start on with the next course.read more
Maru Alvarez
Maru Alvarez
10:53 03 Sep 21
It was a great experience and hope to do level 2 soon . The teacher was great and the hole program too . I recomended... 100%read more
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